Soapstone is a natural stone material that has been used for centuries for countertops.  It's milky appearance gives it a rustic feel when compared with the urbane and elegant look of granite or marble.  Many homeowners love the natural charm of soapstone.

The beauty of Soapstone

If you're looking for a natural stone with an amazing amount of warmth, this is it.  That's one of the reasons that soapstone countertops are a favorite in country kitchens, though they can be included in styles from traditional to modern to eclectic.  Soapstone offers outstanding design versatility.  While not as many color choices are available with soapstone, there is a range of hues that can fit most decors. 


The durability of Soapstone

While not as hard as granite, this material is more pliable.  That means it is less brittle, so it won't crack unexpectedly from stress or weight.  In addition, soapstone is very non-porous...another important strength that sets it apart from granite or marble.  It doesn't require the sealing that granite or marble require and it is far less likely to stain when wine or oil are spilled on it.  The primary care that soapstone requires is a periodic oiling that keeps it looking its best and produces a natural patina as the years go by.  In other words, oiling the soapstone tops is done for aesthetic rather than maintenance reasons. 

Soapstone countertops are worth considering if you want natural stone that is low maintenance and quite hardy.  As mentioned above, it is

limited in color ranges but its warmth fits most designs. 


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We do not stock a large number of soapstone slabs.

Please stop by our showroom and we can assist you in choosing the right color of soapstone for your job.  Once we find the color that works for you, we can order the appropriate number of slabs needed for your job.  

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