When people ask about installing marble countertops, our typical answer is: "it depends on where you're going to use them".  Marble makes a good surface for decorative tops, fireplace surrounds, and other locations where they don't get heavy use.  There are some risks involved when installing marble in locations such as a kitchen or even a bathroom because these are daily use areas.   

Things to remember about Marble

The first concern is the porous nature of marble.  It's more porous than granite, so it more readily absorbs liquid.  In a kitchen setting, oil, wine, juice or other spills penetrate deeper into the stone quickly, and they are hard if not impossible to get out. Even in the bathroom, be cautious with items like nail polish, liquid makeup or removers that can stain the tops.  Once stained, it's nearly impossible to fix.

In any setting, remember that marble is not as durable as granite.  Marble can easily be scratched from sharp knives or even dragging an item across the surface.  Heavy pots or mugs can actually chip the surface.  


Another important thing to remember about marble (in any setting) is that cleaning products may actually damage the surface.  Any cleaning product that contains acids can actually eat away at the marble.  Once this etching occurs, it cannot be repaired. 


If you love the look of marble - and it is beautiful - consider installing marble countertops in locations where daily use is not a factor.      


Remember, we stand by our installation and products!


Laminated White Carrera Marble

We do not stock a large number of marble slabs.

Please stop by our showroom and we can assist you in choosing the right color of marble for your job.  Once we find the color that works for you, we can order the appropriate number of slabs needed for your job.  

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